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This is another way of helping us to raise funds for the Animal Support Volunteers. If you change to the Utility Warehouse (Telecom Plus) for electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone, broadband etc and quote the Animal Support Volunteers' name and the number B18174, the ASV will benefit by a tiny percentage of your monthly utilities bill. We already receive some income this way and the more people that join, the quicker we can build up our funds!

No-one enjoys paying the electricity bill but how much better to know that every time you switch on a light - you are helping one of our rescued animals. One of our Volunteers hasn't actually worked out yet how many hours the immersion heater has to be on to pay for a tin of catfood; but the Bill Payer (her husband) reckons that they must be supporting all the stray cats in Cheshire!

Do yourselves (and the ASV) a favour by exploring the savings to be made if you switch from your current provider to the Utility Warehouse. You won't find UW on comparison sites because they don't believe in paying for the privilege of being quoted there - they would much rather pass savings made on advertising straight to their customers.

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