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We are looking for people who would be willing to take in cats on a short-term basis whilst we try to find permanent homes for them. We provide the food and litter and pay for any veterinary care required. You give the TLC that benefits these cats so much.This arrangement very often suits people who are reluctant to take on a pet for the whole of its life -perhaps due to needing to travel more or a fear of outliving their feline companion! If having a furry house-guest appeals to you, please speak to Tregony (Jane) on 0800 298 4884 or 01625 584586 or email


As there are so few of us and we are busy fostering and placing animals - we find it quite difficult to raise our profile with advertising and publicity. Could you help us with this? Is this your speciality? Have you a youngster at home who could dash off a document on the computer in the time that it would take one of us to climb the stairs to the office? We have become "silver surfers" out of necessity but oh dear! it takes so long to compose, type, save (and find again) material which younger brains are coping with on a daily basis!! Please phone Diane on 01625 419665 with any offers of assistance.


Our homes are so full of animals and the supplies they need that we are really short of a place for storing the many items that are donated to us. If you have such facilities within a ten-mile radius of Alderley Edge, it would be a tremendous help to us. Please let Tregony know on 0800 298 4884 (freephone) or email to her on


Most of the money that we manage to raise is spent on veterinary bills since the majority of animals that we take in require attention in some way i.e. neutering, dental treatment, specialized diets etc. We are always very grateful for any financial contributions and if you would like to help us, please make your cheque payable to ANIMAL SUPPORT VOLUNTEERS and send to:

The Treasurer

Animal Support Volunteers

c/o Woodside

Artists Lane

Nether Alderley



SK10 4UA 


Our famous local newspaper contributor and wise trainer of unwise dogs - Vic has kindly agreed to be a Supporter of the Animal Support Volunteers. He is passionate about the re-habilitation of rescue dogs and has helped us on many an occasion. He is usually to be found at the Victory Hall, Mobberley on a Thursday evening from 7pm to 9pm where he runs the Dog Training classes. Similarly, at Astbury Mere, Congleton at 1000 am on a Saturday morning. In addition he is always at The Smokehouse, Morley Green, Wilmslow on a Sunday morning at 9.30 am, preparing for the Outdoor training class. He is always ready to help sort out problem dogs and can be contacted at His website is a mine of information regarding the psychology of dog owning and well worth a look:


World's Best Cat Litter and APPLAWS Dry Cat Food. Thanks to Roger and Gina, our friends at MPM who make sure that our felines have the best in their litter trays and food dishes !!

TOPSPEED COURIERS LTD provide a secure area for us in a corner of their yard for one of our feral cat pens and have half a dozen ferals who treat the premises like home!

PAT CHILD of Wilmslow helps us when we are asked to find homes for dogs. She always seems to know somebody who is looking for a certain type of dog and has come to our aid on many occasions! Some of you may know her already through her connection with Newgate Boarding Kennels but if you would like to speak to her on the phone we can put you in touch with her.

On Thursday, 19th November 2009 - EVELYNE HULME, our Rehoming Officer, was awarded the title "Local Heroes - Volunteer of the Year 2009" in the 11th Annual Local Heroes Awards run by SILK106.9 radio. Diane Walker and Tregony Windsor attended a glittering Presentation Dinner at Macclesfield Town Football Club and were so proud to hear Evelyne's name announced! Tregony received the award on Evelyne's behalf and explained her absence from the Celebrations. Poor Evelyne had been caring for a rescue cat called Patsy and the naughty feline had chosen the morning of the Awards to go missing. She needs regular medication and Evelyne spent the entire day and evening searching for her. She eventually spotted Patsy on the car park of the Horse and Jockey pub, about half a mile from home. This was well after ten pm. Lured by the fish that Evelyne produced, Patsy was captured and taken home apparently none the worse for her lack of medication. Having been informed of her Award by text, Evelyne then allowed herself the luxury of a glass of sherry and a sit-down!

We presented Evelyne with her Award at Morley Green Club the following night. WELL DONE, EVELYNE !! Now look at The Volunteers page for the photo !! OUR OWN LOCAL HERO !

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