Well, you've had the guided tour of the website now.  You've celebrated Evelyne's Award;  you've upset yourself about those animals needing homes;  you've put the fund-raising events in your diary and now you are wondering if you are paying too much for your utilities!  We owe it to you to send you away in a more relaxed state of mind.
You will have slightly less than a minute to pour yourself a sherry (no time to put the kettle on), move the dog off the comfiest chair and settle down to relax.  Don't close your eyes - you will miss the lovely pictures and may even fall asleep to the soothing music!  If your cat is watching with you, mind she doesn't make a grab for the screen!
Best of all, when it is finished - you can press REPLAY and listen to it all over again.  
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And The Birds Were Singing ~ Alain Morisod & Sweet People
Beautiful Music to Woodland Scenes
        THE  FERAL  CAT   by TJ Windsor
They said I was a Feral cat
Who hated being inside.
They said that when they called my name
I ran away to hide
In bushes and in undergrowth,
That's what they said was wrong
And why they wanted rid of me,
Though I hadn't been there long!
But then I met a gentle man
Who looked into my soul,
And saw an inner longing,
A loving home my goal.
He took me in and cherished me
And made me his Best Friend
So this is how I live my life -
Oh!  Such a happy end !                 by TJW
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